Residential and Commercial Framing Services

We use Standard and Custom Framing Approaches for Projects of All Sizes

Custom  Built homes by Quadrado Construction.  Complete residential framing services.

Custom Built Homes

We offer custom home framing servicing in the Windsor / Essex County and Chatham / Kent regions. We specialize in complete framing services for residential single and multi-family framing construction projects.

Our construction framing services include but are not limited to installation and repair of;

  • House framing
  • Floor / celing joists
  • Roof lifting
  • Roof trusses
  • Bracing
  • Rafters

Renovations and Additions

Our construction framing services also include renovations for both homes and businesses.

If you’ve decided to increase the size of your home or office, you’ll have a range of possible ways to do so. A few typical choices include the following.

  • Bathroom enlargement
  • New bedroom
  • Extended living room
  • Adding a home office
  • Basement reconstruction
  • Larger Kitchen
  • Adding 2nd or 3rd floor
  • Structural repairs
Office and Home Renovations and Additions, Quadrado Construction of Windsor, Essex County, Chatham, Kent.
Commercial framing company, Windsor, Essex County, Chatham, Kent.

Commercial Framing

Our commercial framing jobs are mainly comprised of multi-unit apartment complexes, condominiums, small office buildings, retail stores, warehouses, sports arenas and other similar facilities.

For commercial framing projects in Windsor / Essex County and Chatham / Kent, we use nothing but trusted techniques that have been proven over time.

Value Added Seamless Approach

  • Use quality framing materials
  • Efficient scheduling
  • Skilled, experienced framers
  • Smooth, safe process


Conventional Barn Framing

While there are many ways to frame a barn, we prefer the conventional framing technique. This involves stud framing atop a solid concrete foundation. Stud framing or stick framing generally costs about 15% more than post-frame construction, because post-frame barns do not require a foundation.

Advantages of Stick Frame Barns

  • Uses a solid foundation
  • Adaptable to any design
  • Allows for on-site changes
  • Approvals are easer to get


Barn framing and barn construction, Chatham, Windsor, Essex County.
Garage framing, workshop, shed framing.  Windsor, Essex County, Chatham.

Garages, Workshops & More

We do a lot of garage framing in the Windsor / Essex County and Chatham / Kent areas. Our garage and workshop framing projects are handled by skilled framers with years of experience.

Whether its single detached garage framing or adding a garage addition to your existing home, we can build what you need. We also provide framing services for adding a room above a garage and adding garage extensions. From 1, 2 or 3 car garages, to large sheds, to

  • Attached garage
  • Detached garage
  • Room above garage
  • Garage extensions
  • 1,2, 3 car garage
  • Oversized garage
  • Work shops
  • Storage facility

Framing Experts For a Smooth, Seamless Building Experience

It takes experience and knowledge to know how to incorporate all the elements of framing to create a structurally sound building. Beams, headers, and foundation rails must all be assembled properly so that no point causes weakness or failure.

Your building project is an expensive investment. Don’t gamble with unqualified labourers. Quadrado Construction is the framing contractor you can trust to do the job right.